hey y’all! My name is Meg & I started this little project to write something real. In a world full of where hiding true authenticity is so so easy, I want to write something honest. Something true to me and who I am, even though I’m young and still figuring out the complexity of what that means. AKA, don’t expect lifestyle or fashion tips like many other writers because I’d have to pretend to know exactly what I’m doing and let’s be real… I don’t. Ha.

I’m growing, I’m learning, I’m experiencing new things, and I just want to write about it. Particularly, I want to write about boldness. Boldness: Unapologetically exclaiming exactly who you are. Going after goals that seem impossible until they are accomplished, held, and known. Working hard when the bags under your eyes are weighing you down and all you want to do is sleep. Staring adversity in the face and pushing through it. Being kind to unkind people. It all takes a beautiful type of boldness that demands you to be truly unapologetic in exactly who you are. This boldness allows you to do exactly what you want to do despite anyone else’s standards. There’s beauty in being exactly who you were meant to be.

There’s something difficult about that wonderful thing called boldness. It makes you stand out a little bit more, and that’s never really been human nature. The way I see it though, I can either coast behind the scenes, or do the thing that scares me and learn from it. Grow from it. Love people through it. Make a difference in the life of another person. Understand just a little more of the person I was created to be. That is exactly what I want to write about: making the choice to be a little riskier, a little bolder, and a little louder, and how those choices have made me a little stronger, a little smarter, and a little more in touch with the stories of people around me. I hope my writing can encourage you to push past complacency and truly fulfill the extent of who you are and what you want out of life. I hope I can encourage you to do the thing that you are scared of doing.






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